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PCB mounting
Assembly of Electronic Boards

We live in a world dominated by electronics and smart devices, tools that interact with us intelligently.
For example, in the area of the home and not only there, we can control the home remotely in relation to our movements or our presence. This whole set of applications, devices, tools and ideas could not work without the concrete contribution of electronics. An electronic board is essential for the operation of these devices; the assembly of electronic boards or PCB mounting therefore become of primary importance.

Service for rapid assembly samples complete with printed circuits
We can quickly create pre-production samples of your products complete not only with the supply of the components but also with the PCB if requested; the same also for products where the customer supplies components in full and/or mixed circuit form.

ESD precautions are observed
The production/assembly phases are carried out in full compliance with the regulations concerning “General requirements for the protection of devices sensitive to electrostatic charges”.
Throughout the production cycle it is advisable to keep in mind and observe these precautions, from GOODS INWARDS to PRODUCTION – ASSEMBLY, via INSPECTION AND QUALITY CONTROL, packaging and shipping.
Our production department is an area entirely subject to the ESD regulations

Temperature- and Humidity-Controlled Environments
In the world of electronic boards, temperature and humidity control are important for the operation of the product and there are some components that are more sensitive to temperature jumps than others; this is why all our departments are entirely temperature- and humidity-controlled environments.