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Logistics and After-Sales

We are able to package and ship your products, even the most complex ones, according to your needs and directly to your customers, resulting in savings in management costs.
We also follow our customers after-sales, interacting with them on the handling of any obsolescence, lead time control on components at risk of unavailability.

Automatic warehouse for the storage of components connected with the management software

Thanks to this handling linked to our management software, we are able not only to track and store the components in an appropriate way but also to maintain suitable stock levels, allowing us to handle any minimum restocking levels.

Buffer stock

In agreement with our customers, we are able to exclusively manage minimum inventory levels on components that are particularly at risk of shortages, becoming obsolete or also at 100% of the base bill of materials, thus ensuring the production of the board without any delays.

Observance of ESD precautions

The production/assembly phases are carried out in full compliance with the regulations concerning “General requirements for the protection of devices sensitive to electrostatic charges”.
Throughout the production cycle it is advisable to keep in mind and observe these precautions, from GOODS INWARDS to PRODUCTION – ASSEMBLY, via INSPECTION AND QUALITY CONTROL, packaging and shipping.
Our production department is an area completely subject to the ESD regulations

Custom packaging

The electronic boards we produce are individually protected by ESD envelopes and packed in boxes equipped with alveolar separators to ensure maximum protection.
If necessary, we can create custom packaging that meets the different needs of customers.