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Design, Masters and Engineering

EBV is able to create Master PCBs of all types up to 14 layers.

Electronics design is the starting point for the creation of the final product, and it is the process of defining the technology, the layout of the components and the various interconnections which, when produced, will constitute the electronic system.
This ends with the formalisation of the list of components (called the BOM, Bill of Materials), the electronic diagram and the tracks (i.e. the Gerber files).
If the final product includes the connection of several electronic boards, the electronic design shall also include the connection between the latter including any wiring.

Board Mastering Service up to 14 layers

We can create printed circuits, masters up to 14 layers

Engineering of electronic boards

The engineering of a product ends with the building of the relevant production process, and
this process is undoubtedly one of the most important phases; in order to create projects from a fast and economical production process we can support the customer by helping them in the search for the best components to use (availability), suggesting the best possible arrangement of the same on the printed circuit and then the creation and evaluation of the Gerber file to pass for the purposes of production of the sample and then of the entire batch once tested and inspected.

Implementation of the printed circuit layout design and the master

The term routing refers to one of the various stages of work necessary for the creation of a printed circuit intended for the production of an electronic board.
This is an operation aimed at the creation of the printed circuit starting from an electronic diagram, trying to restrict as much as possible the dimensions of the circuit itself, through a careful positioning of the different components and the passage of the different tracks (including under them).
Each printed circuit (also called master) is composed of several layers and the number of layers present in a master is not the same for all applications and depends on what must be created, which also entails different costs, a single-sided printed circuit is cheaper than a double-sided one, and the latter is cheaper than a multilayer.

PCB Masters

The printed circuits can be of various types, single-sided or double-sided, multilayer, flexible or even in aluminium and of various materials such as vetronite (FR-4) or CEM-1 up to KAPTON for flexible printed circuits, which is combined with vetronite.
Depending on the product to be made and/or specific customer requirements, we are able to provide Master PCBs of all types up to 14 layers, and with surface finish in addition to the HAL standard (Lead-Free or Pb), including with treatments such as chemical gold, chemical silver, chemical tin etc.